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Dr. Sebastian Reparaz

CRC 1585 MultiTrans Scientific colloquium

Dr. Sebastian Reparaz from the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona, ICMAB-CSIC, will give the lecture “Modern Approaches to Study Thermal Anisotropy and In-plane Heat Transport Using a One-Dimensional Optical Heat Source”. Monday, 15th of July at 12:15 in H33 (INF/AI)   ...more

Prof. L. Wang

CRC 1585 MultiTrans Scientific colloquium

Prof. Lianzhou Wang from the University of Queensland, Australia will give the lecture “Nanomaterials for photoelectrochemical energy conversion”. Monday, 24th of June at 12:15 in H33 (INF/AI)   ...more

Prof. R. Boya

CRC 1585 MultiTrans Scientific colloquium

Prof. Radha Boya from the University of Manchester, UK will give the lecture “Ionic selectivity and memory under angstrom-scale confinement”. Monday, 3rd of June at 12:15 in H33 (INF/AI)   ...more

Prof. B. Chmelka

CRC 1585 MultiTrans Scientific colloquium

Prof. Bradly Chmelka from University of California, Santa Barbara will give the lecture “New mesostructured materials for energy conversion and storage: Understanding and design at the atomic levels”. Monday, 27th May at 12:15 in H33 (INF/AI)   ...more

Prof. T. Pradeep

CRC 1585 MultiTrans Scientific colloquium

Prof. Thalappil Pradeep from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), Chennai, India will give the lecture “Matter in Confinement: Atomically Precise Clusters and Microdroplets”. Friday, 17th May at 10:30 in H18 (NW II)   ...more


NEW CRC MultiTrans publication

To Stop or to Shuttle Halides? In our new publication in ASC Energy Letters we investigate the Role of an Ionic Liquid in Thermal Halide Mixing of Hybrid Perovskites.  ...more

Accelerated stress testing using a mixed load cycling and start-up/shut-down protocol

NEW CRC MultiTrans publication

Our article by R. Loukrakpam et al. published in Journal of Power Sources presents challenges and limitations of accelerated stress testing in gas diffusion electrode half-cell set-ups in comparison to model thin film electrodes and full fuel cells.  ...more

The photo of a) PI/PAN@Co2þ sponge and i) PI/PAN@ZIF-67 sponge, b–d) SEM images of PI/PAN@Co2þ sponge, e–h) EDS spectrum of PI/PAN@Co2þ sponge, and j–l) SEM images of PI/PAN@ZIF-67 sponge

NEW CRC MultiTrans publication

Our recent article by Y. Du et al. published in Advanced Energy & Sustainability Research presents an innovative methods to increase the loading capacity and the accessibility of metal–organic framework (MOF) active sites in monolithic materials.   ...more

A NEW publication

A NEW CRC MultiTrans publication

How to enhance an effective heat dissipation in lightweight electronic devices with an easy to recycle (single)material? “High and Tuneable Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity Controls the Temperature Distribution of 3D Printed All-Polyethylene Objects” by I. Klein et al. presents a thorough investigation to answer that question  ...more

Schematic representation of a cutout of the molecular structure of SPAF-2x using an ideal diamond lattice

NEW CRC MultiTrans publication

An important article with the title “Ultrafast Proton Conduction in an Aqueous Electrolyte Confined in Adamantane-like Micropores of a Sulfonated, Aromatic Framework” by S. F. Winterstein et al. has been published in JACS.  ...more

Image of multiscale porosity


Controlling the flow of ions, molecules, electrons and heat by nano structuring model materials. We combine synthesis, processing, cutting-edge characterization and theory to develop a fundamental understanding of multiple transport phenomena.   ...more

CRC 1585: ​Structured functional materials for multiple transport in nanoscale confinements ​(MultiTrans)

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