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Research Training Group

The research training group “TransMat” provides interdisciplinary training for the doctoral students. The programme rests on three pillars, scientific excellence, scientific soft skills, and personal soft skills, designed to guide and support the students throughout their doctoral work. TransMat aims to equip the students with essential competencies necessary for successfully working on their projects and for their future careers. This will be achieved through various lectures, seminars, international exchange, and mentoring. The RTG will seamlessly integrate into the Transport Academy of the CRC, as well as into the support structure of BayNAT provided by the UBT.

Spokesperson of the Resaerch Training Group (RTG)

Prof. Dr. Anna Schenk
E-Mail: Anna.Schenk@uni-bayreuth.de

Deputy Spokesperson

Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini
E-Mail: Matteo.Bianchini@uni-bayreuth.de 

Webmaster: Silke Reimann

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